Case Studies
practice practice home Case Referrals Contact about practice Traumatic Brain Injury - Brain injury resulting from auto accident. Total structured payout to victim over $12,000,000. Auto Accident - Ride share van accident, severe back injury. Limited insurance coverage. Wrongful Death - A 63 year old pedestrian was killed in trucking accident. Daughter recovered non-economic damages for the loss of her mother. No claim for economic loss. Auto Accident - A 25 year old man was hit while riding an adult tricyle. He suffered a non-displaced basal skull fracture and claimed mild traumatic brain injury. Civil Rights Claim - Victim shot by police after domestic battery, suffers injury. Malpractice - Patient recovers for dental malpractice during routine procedure. Trucking Accident - Mild traumatic brain injury to State Police Officer; Three defendants. Negligence Resulting in Deaths - Deranged husband wounds wife, kills mother-in- law and 4 year old son then kills himself. Action against husband’s father for negligent storage of a firearm. Settlement of 2.3 million (homeowners policy limit), apportioned between wife, daughter, and father-in-law. Wrongful Death - Police officer’s widow recovers for husband’s death at the hands of a convicted pipe bomber. Automobile Injury - Christmas carolers struck by sports car while crossing street. Personal Injury - Homeless man sleeping in alley, recovers for foot injury. Assault and Battery - Photographer recovers for assault and battery while filming animal rights demonstration. Brain Injury - Motorcyclist recovers for mild traumatic brain injury. Total structured payout exceeds $1,250,000. Child Abuse - Autistic children battered in care home. Dangerous Premises - Construction worker falls in hole while moving plywood covering hole; framing contractor had failed to place warning sign above hole. Dog Attack - Woman suffered fractured leg during dog attack. Auto Accident - Musician injured in auto accident, full recovery. Recovery against employer’s business manager’s malpractice for failure to acquire workers comp, contribution from employer auto insurance and victim’s underinsurance. Wrongful Death - Van accident , wrongful death of spouse. Limited insurance. Fall Injury - Warehouse worker falls from scaffolding, suffering knee injury. Pedestrian Injury - Jogger struck by UPS truck while jay walking; knee injury. Pedestrian Death - Loose wheel from an 18-wheeler kills pedestrian. Policy limit. Parking Lot Liability -Woman and passenger drive off the second tier of bank parking lot. Bank found 100% liable for unsafe conditions. Tried in Indio, CA. Traffic Accident - Victim recovers for injuries from accident at Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra in Palm Springs, CA.